Greymouth Golf Club is situated just 5kms out of the town at Kaiata and is an attractive, well tended course of 18 holes. Greymouth GC celebrated its centennial in 2004 and has continued to develop looking forwards to its second 100.

Greymouth is a par 72 with the standard 2 par fives and 2 par threes on each nine. While not seriously influenced by wind the prevailling wind can fool some when approaching greens on south facing holes..

The course is generally flat being on the flood plain of the Grey River. Fortunately preventive work has been done so that the river doesn't do the damage it once did, although in 2011 there was a big flood that left tonnes of silt on greens and fairways that has taken some time to be reinstated. We look forward to spring growth to complete the recovery. 

Although not a long course Greymouth does require some care to avoid the well established trees here and there. The club has increased the degree of difficulty to some extent by extensive planting and narrowing of fairways. 

The course is very well tended by a caring sole green keeper although you may find the greens a bit slower than you might be used to. 

You'll find that the rough doesn't pose too much of a problem as it is well tended and generally kept cut to less than a couple of inches. You might do well to watch out for the wild-life, however!

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