We hope that visitors to the West Coast Challenge will take a bit of time while you're here to see a bit more of the wonderful West Coast. It has so much to offer we are sure you won't be disappointed. (Click this link to view the range of interesting and exciting options.) You'll meet some neat people, you'll eat some great food and you'll see some spectacular scenery.

 If (or when) you drive The Coast Road from Westport to Greymouth you will be experiencing what is recognised as one of the top scenic drives in the world. You'll drive past a working gold mine, by open coal seams, under torwering bush-clad bluffs and alongside beautiful secluded bays, lovely beaches and impressive river valleys.

 You may wish to break your trip at the friendly Punakaiki Tavern and relax while you enjoy a bit of well presented refreshment (they will probably have whitebait on the menu) while you admire the impressive Paparoa Range.
If the weather has been less than ideal and the tide's right, you might see the Punakaiki blowholes doing their thing (but of course that is hardly conducive to enjoyable golf, huh!)

 If you find you have time on your hands while on The Coast you will find a wide range of quality arts and crafts from the iconic pounamu or NZ jade, glass, wood and metal ware to paintings, ceramics and multi-media. There are some very clever people on The Coast and visitors are more than likely to find a memento of their visit that will give them fond memories of their time here.

People who stay over might care to tootle a bit further down The Coast Road to experience more beauty, especially the Southern Alps which get very close to the coast the further south you go, some wonderful lakes and of course the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers never fail to impress. While down here take the opportunity to meet kiwi, white heron and many other natives.

 One last option for visitors with a sense of adventure is to consider staying for the Wild Foods Festival which will happen in Hokitika on the weekend following The West Coast Golf Challenge. While all of the rumours are probably true you will also find lots of very pallatable and exciting fare. 

When you come to The Coast comes with eyes wide open- there's plenty to see!

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