The West Coast is rich in coal, gold, forests, mountains, lakes- and ARTISTS. The range of media that our artists work in is almost endless but each artist  brings their own unique style and increases the richness of what is available to the discerning collector. Whether you want it for yourself or as a gift for someone special you will find that perfect 'taonga' to remind you of your visit to this wonderful part of New Zealand. We feature here special artists who have generously supported the West Coast Golf Challenge by donating a piece of their work that we happily pass on to our golfing friends. We urge those who didn't get lucky to visit the links and maybe find your own special memory of 'The Coast'.

Jeff Beckwith is a Coaster being an Ahaura boy with his influences arising out of his up-bringing in an area whose history was populated by bushmen, timber millers, but most notably in earlier times, gold miners. Jeff works in the iconic stone of The Coast, pounamu or greenstone and has many pieces on display throughout New Zealand. He has a range of styles, all of which bring out the beauty of the stone he works with. The examples above clearly illustrate the variety but also display the melding of the two principal treasures of The Coast- pounamu and gold. Whoever wins the Jeff Beckwith piece will have a true taonga. 

Sheree Warren works in a range of hard stones, most notably pounamu (greenstone), argillite, jasper and bowenite, but whichever she uses the results are stunning. Something that is a feature of her work is the mixing of different types of stone to produce an interesting combination of colours and textures. Her pieces range from bracelets, pendants, touch stones (just yearning to be held and rubbed) and commissioned works of various kinds, including trophies. Sheree is a nationally recognised jade carver who has also been a tutor in hard-stone carving at Tai Poutini Polytechnic in Greymouth. 

 Stewart Nimmo is an amazing photographer who is well known and respected up and down The Coast. Stewart has a shop in Greymouth where one can see a wide range of superb pictures reproduced in varying media from standard framed photographs through print-to-canvas to corrugated iron, with other fascinating effects to suit any decor. Stewart captures the varying moods of The Coast beautifully and has spent hundreds of hours in all parts of this gorgeous part of Aotearoa New Zealand to follow his passion of capturing the perfect picture. We are delighted Stewart has agreed to become another of our participating artists.

Tony Manuel is a master carver of Ngati Porou descent and is descendant of the Spanish whaler, Manuel Jose who settled on 'The Other Coast' (the East Coast) in the 1830s. Tony has exhibited widely in New Zealand and is currently also tutoring in the Maori art of whakairo (carving) at Tai Poutini Polytechnic in Greymouth. Tony also creates beautiful paintings with contemporary Maori designs on canvas that he has reproduced as prints in a range of sizes. Tony has generously agreed to be one of our featured artists and will present a carving that will embody the spirit of The Coast.

We are delighted that Ian Dalzell and Sue Pidgeon have become supporters of our tournament because their art is quite special. They are potters who live just out of Moana at Lake Brunner and the special appeal that their pottery carries is all to do with the process they use to fire their work Firstly their kilns are fueled by coal- how Coastal is that!! Secondly, while they use conventional glazes with their pieces, they also employ a salt glaze and this creates a lovely look- you should see the inside of the kiln!!! I wanted to bring it home! Ian and Sue have their Kotuku Pottery in a delightful situation with the continual song of native birds, a delightfully ecclectic studio & shop complex and a friendly and welcoming presence. When you visit them you can guarantee a welcome and a fascinating tour around the workshop and kiln area. 


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