Westport Golf Club at the Kawatiri Links is situated at Carter's Beach just 3kms from the township and offers links conditions with plenty of sand and knarly rough.

 There are some great driving holes at Westport and the 1st (below) gets you off to a great or frustrating start. Not a long hole it does require, as do several others, for the tee shot to be shaped to avoid large trees on one side or

 Westport has one of the most notorious holes on The Coast, the 2nd. It's a short, quite ordinary shot from an elevated tee straight towards the sea, and a severely sloping green guarded by bunkers. The secret, short of putting it in the hole is to leave it short to give an uphill putt otherwise it's across or down the slope. Some call it the shortest par 5 in the country.

While there are LOTS of trees that can spoil your day there is still plenty of room for driving and the slightly wayward will find a range of rough from fairly playable to really penalising. 

 Westport, being a beach-side course is always a bit susceptible to the wind and while the majority of holes lie with or against the prevailing wind, there are cross-course holes too that can  be a bit tricky on occasions.

The greens have plenty to keep you interested as well and Westport has often boasted of 'the best greens on The Coast'.

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